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Q: How do I know that the rooms are actually safe for the child?

A: Every room is designed with a licensed engineer, electrician and contractor who are very diligent in safety procedures and protocols.

Q: What sensory equipment is installed in the room?

 Every case is different as every child's needs are different. Our staff works with each family individually to identify what equipment would serve the child best.

Q: How can locking a child in a room be considered safe?

A: Our law team has reviewed these laws with Florida's "Child Protective Services" and we have created a detailed safety protocol agreement that is reviewed with families before the renovations begin. The locks we install along with the video and audio monitors can be controlled from the caretaker's phone. This provides flexibility to instantly lock and unlock the child's door as needed. These locks are approved for use by the local fire departments.

Q: How do I know if my child can qualify to be a recipient of a Safe Sensory Room renovation?

A: In the "Refer a Child" section of our website, there is a screening questionnaire to provide information about the child. If a child is deemed eligible for an evaluation, our team will set one up with the family to identify if the child is a candidate for a Safe Sensory Room renovation.


Q: Can you renovate my child's room even if I am only renting our house?

A: At the moment we are unable to service families who don't own their home (unless your rental agreement clearly allows for us to modify the child's room which can be reviewed by our legal team.)

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