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One in 54 children in the US are diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder by age 8. Forty-two percent of their caregivers report high levels of stress and anxiety.


There are therapy gyms that have safe, sensory spaces where a child can be brought to play, but no option for parents to bring that safe space home. The result is devastating. Parents are helplessly watching their children harm themselves and others at home. Sleepless nights turn into unproductive, stressful days with no peace of mind in sight.


Safe Sensory Room is a non-profit organization offering a better home life for these families. We renovate the bedrooms of children with severe autism to be safe from harm, outfitted with sensory equipment to calm the child when they need it most.

The peace of mind, relief, serenity and happiness that a Safe Sensory Room provides, is life changing. We must do everything we can to ensure that every child who can benefit from a Safe Sensory Room gets one.

OUR MISSION is to support children with severe autism through safe, in-home sensory rooms, providing serenity to them and their families.


We create a Safe Sensory Room in the home of a child with severe autism. By converting the child's bedroom into a worry-free zone, caregivers can rest easy knowing that there is no time or situation that the child will be in harm's way.

SAFETY FIRST- We pad the walls, windows and floors to ensure that no matter how hard the child bangs into it, they will not be harmed. Our safety team works diligently to ensure that every aspect of the room, from furniture, to windows, to electric outlets and everything in between is modified to satisfactory levels. The room is outfitted with a video camera with 2-way audio, as well as an option for an external lock on the door controlled from the caregiver's phone if that is what their child needs to be kept safe during tough moments.

SENSORY SECOND- Once the room is safe and worry-free, we install sensory equipment for the child's use, customized to that child's individual needs. Sensory equipment provides comfort and much needed stimulation. This ensures that the child's bedroom serves as a happy place that the child can utilize when they crave sensory input.

An Autism Haven at Home

Join us in our mission to provide an autism haven at home to children and families who need it most, and donate generously today!

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